Avianca Airlines has a powerful tool to fight drug trafficking. The use of surveillance cameras in the state of the art American Dynamics CCTV and management systems digital video of Tyco International Circuit, authorities airlines can stop illegal activities and provide visual evidence to prosecute drug traffickers.

The largest airline in Colombia, South America, Avianca operates from several international airports with daily flights to major US, Europe and South and Central American cities.

A customer lifetime of Tyco International, Avianca recently decided to install American Dynamics SpeedDome programmable dome cameras and systems Intellex digital video management for greater control over airport security.

Today, Avianca protects their assigned gates and warehouses loaded with nearly 100 Domo and positioned fixed cameras to record the activity specified in and around the perimeter of their facilities. CCTV footage recorded by Intellex, providing easy access video. Intellex systems are connected through a local area network and can be viewed using the network client software from American Dynamics.

After replacing old appliances with video management systems Intellex digital video, Avianca security can also access archive material interest in a matter of minutes rather than having to run through hours of videotape to find what they are looking for. In addition, records banknotes video sequences directly from Intellex Onto dome cameras 24/7 in high traffic areas. For less crowded areas, such as luggage storage, officials have scheduled Intellex to record sequences only when the dome cameras have some movement in his field of vision. This system helps Avianca use the wide band more efficiently valuable by only recording of images of interest.

Avianca also purchased a system switching matrix, which makes it easy for operators to manage a closed-circuit television complex. Security personnel can control more cameras and easily switch between different camera views and monitors the control room. This provides greater situational awareness that helps identify and address problematic activities more effectively.

“The systems help us prevent illegal or dangerous incidents between passengers and employees,” said Edgar Cano, managing director of National Airports Avianca. For example, the use of American Dynamics Intellex cameras and security personnel Avianca work alongside the authorities of Colombia to monitor illegal activities and arrest suspects. In several cases, the airline drug smugglers caught by identifying illicit behavior through recordings of the CCTV cameras on Intellex.

An example of real life was presented on April 18, 2006, when unaccompanied 5-year-old girl arrived at John F. Kennedy International Airport aboard Avianca Airlines Flight # 020 in Bogota, Colombia with two suitcases hard sided. An inspector conducting a routine examination opened one of the bags from the girl and noticed an unusually thick side. The inspector canvassed the lining of the suitcase and discovered a white powdery substance that field tested positive for heroin. The official seized heroin weighing about 1,042 grams. While customs contact the Administration for Children’s Services, Avianca officials retrieve surveillance images to determine whether the child’s mother acted suspiciously on the tape when he dropped the child off.

* Sources: http://www.tycosecurityproducts.com/ACS_Avianca.aspx

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